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We at SOULKIDS® ACADEMY EAST COAST conduct a world acclaimed children’s transformational program. Our program is called SoulKids® and has been created to inspire children to change the beliefs they carry about themselves, and to learn what was possible and what they could potentially achieve. Vikas Malkani, one of the world’s leading teachers of personal growth and self-awareness, realised that most of the ‘issues’ that adults faced, stemmed from their childhood beliefs. Based on these findings a need was identified to create a program that would bring essential life skills to children from a very young age. SoulKids® came into existence in 2003 as a unique program, specially designed for children aged 6-15yrs old.

At SOULKIDS® ACADEMY EAST COAST we provide training on many life skills not taught in school such as leadership qualities, Self-Confidence, Creative thinking, Focus, Positive Mind-set and many more essential life-skills. The entire training is geared to raise children’s level of self-esteem, to see their natural strengths, talents and abilities and to strengthen their sense of self-belief. Children are taught the importance of having a vision, creating goals and then taking action to achieve them. Learning through failures that may arise, and staying positive during negative events are also skills that are inculcated. Working together with teams to achieve bigger goals is encouraged and every child is given the experience of being both a leader and a team-member. The result is that children experience an increased sense of self-awareness and self-esteem.

Children who have undergone SoulKids® training find it to be extremely enjoyable and entertaining. While having fun, they learn essential life lessons that allow them to live a successful, happy and joyful life. Soulkids® Program has been featured on Channel News Asia , Straits Times as well as other media , for being one of the very few such Life-skills programs being offered in Singapore.

Since its inception, our program has expanded and is currently being offered globally, in cities including Paris, London, San Francisco, and Johannesburg, Singapore and with its next launch coming up in Sydney.

SoulKids® Academy East Coast is a licensed academy of SoulCentre ( recognised as Asia's Premier Development Centre for adults and children.

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