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Creative Mindset™ Module

SoulKids® Creative Mindset Module –Intermediate level. Recommended for children who have already completed the Self-Confidence Module. Though it suits children from 6 to 15yrs of age, it works very well for children in the upper primary level (9yrs onwards)

  • Teaches children to think creatively which starts with their mind.
  • Teaches them that one has to put time, energy & hard-work to achieve or get closer to their goal or task at hand, be it a school project or a personal situation.
  • Teaches them to not be distracted and complain about criticism & disappointments.
  • Teaches them to not just work hard but smart. Work with what they have rather than trying to chase what they can’t have.
  • They are taught how to identify obstacles which could be people or circumstances or things out of their control
  • They are taught not to let any negativity such as peers or friends discouraging them, hinder their thought process instead use that as a lesson in disguise.
  • They are taught that it is ok to change ones path & method & at times that would be in a very short span of time or under pressure