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Our Mentor

SoulKids® Academy (East Coast) has been established by an entrepreneurial team. The founders come with a career in the financial services industry. One of the Co-Founders, Shivani Mhatre, qualified with a business and finance degree and pursued a career in banking before she settled in Singapore with her family. After embracing a role of a stay-home-mum, for 7 years she was ready to take the next big step. She diversified from her domain of retail banking and explored newer boundaries when she decided to come back to the workforce. She channelized her immense passion for children and applied it in a more rewarding way by starting her very own ‘SoulKids® Academy’ in Singapore. Besides being a mother of two and a business owner she pursues her passion for cooking, music & travelling in her free time.

From working in the corporate world, to being a stay-home-mum, to embracing the role of an entrepreneur has been a very eventful and enriching journey for her. Having lived in different countries and being exposed to different cultures, Shivani finds this experience very handy in her interactions with parents and children, also coming from varied backgrounds and nationalities.

When Shivani discovered the SoulKids® Program, she knew instantaneously that it was the right medium for her to use her passion and entrepreneurial skills. The program content has proven transformational in a way, that it brings about a positive change and boost to a child's overall attitude, behaviour & personality. The parents also benefit as they are equipped with all the wisdom captured & beautifully embedded in the Soulkids books & programs.

Shivani has undergone an intensive specialised mentor training under Vikas Malkani, the founder of SoulKids® program and a world-class inspirational speaker. She is a certified Soulkids® Mentor & Coach and has lead as well as co-mentored SoulKids®programs. She has received testimonies of parents talking about the positive change in their children. Seeing the transformation in children, coming from different backgrounds, cultures, and family dynamics and becoming more confident, more aware, more grateful & happier children, makes this the best job ever for her !! This is the core belief & offering of Soulkids® - to help children achieve happiness & success!! Shivani is the lead SoulKids® Mentor and Coach of our academy, and conducts weekday, weekend and holiday programs with her team of mentors at her academy as well as external locations.

Her vision is to help children and parents from the SoulKids® program. The goal is to grow the SoulKids® Brand in the East Coast of Singapore by collaborating with schools, clubs and association and offer the Soulkids Program to their communities.