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Self-Confidence™ Module

SoulKids® Self-Confidence Module – Basic level. Recommended for children coming to SoulKids® for the first time or even as repeat children. Though it suits children from 6 to 15yrs of age, it works very well for children in the age-group of 6-10yrs old

  • Teaches children to become aware of their own abilities
  • Teaches them to develop their inner strength and believe in themselves
  • Teaches them to define what is fear and how to identify their own fears , if any
  • Teaches them techniques to face and then overcome their fear
  • Teaches them to keep trying , never giving up, be persistent,
  • They are made aware of what is self-talk and how to filter positive thoughts to their advantage
  • They are taught to be able to dream, aspire and identify their ambition and then have a plan to achieve it.
  • They are taught to take action rather than wait for things to happen.
  • They are taught to enjoy what life has given them, to enjoy what they have now and not just wait for things to change.