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SOULKIDS® Coaching


At our academy we also offer SoulKids® One-on-One Coaching for Children

SoulKids® Coaching

SoulKids® coaching is offered by individual SoulKids® coaches who are trained and certified by, the creator of SoulKids®. The SoulKids® Coach is trained, capable and ready to support your child in all aspects.

Through one-on-one attention and support for your child, specific issues can be targeted, thus providing an ongoing learning platform for your child. A coaching relationship is built between your child and the SoulKids® coach.  All issues discussed are confidential with much more detailed and in-depth help and support provided to the child. 


SoulKids® program and SoulKids® coaching are two different approaches

The SoulKids® program is conducted for groups of children and is specifically tailored for different age groups.  There are 3 program modules which focus on self-confidence, creative mind-set and self-mastery.  The children learn through a fun and experiential process of story-telling, games and teamwork exercises.  The program is conducted by a team of certified SoulKids® mentors.  

The SoulKids® coaching process is a one-on-one session between the SoulKids® Coach and the child being the coachee. In Soulkids® coaching the focus is on specific outcomes with joint responsibility – by the coach to motivate the child using specially designed SoulKids® coaching tools and with the child taking the ownership of action towards change.  The coaching process is time bound and relationship based.  


Soulkids® Coaching addresses specific issues with children

Any behavioural, emotional, social or mental issue can be helped.   Children often face the stress encountered by rapid change in their school or family environment, and also need support in their own development from pre-teens to teenagers and onwards to young adulthood. SoulKids® coaching provides effective support and powerful tools that children can benefit from during these changes. 


Coaching Sessions

A single coaching session with a certified SoulKids® coach is for an hour.  Packages of 3 and 6 sessions which parents can benefit from are also available.  Coaching packages can be utilized at parents’ own time and convenience. Coaching sessions are conducted in a safe environment and at a date and time mutually decided between the parent and SoulKids® coach.

Our lead Soulkids® Coach and Mentor, Shivani Mhatre, conducts coaching sessions with children at our academy premises. If you wish to find out more about the fees and packages or wish to have a detailed chat with our lead mentor & coach, click here