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“After doing SoulKids I entered a swimming competition that I would not have done before. When I was nervous I said in my head 'I am brave' and then I was not nervous anymore.”

8 years old – New Zealand


“Huge difference. A LOT more positive, happier, more excited about school. Uses the skills she learned in SoulKids in everyday circumstances.”

8 years old – USA


“I love SoulKids! I think you learn so much by going there. I learnt that everyone is special and awesome in their own unique way! Everyone in life has pro’s and con’s, but you are the coolest person in the whole wide world just the way you are.

12 years old Switzerland


“I love the games and lessons that they teach. I learnt self-confidence and to be yourself. The lessons of the stories really taught me the most. I learnt to be confident, and not to believe in fears- but to walk towards them.”

11 years old Australia


“I learnt to be positive and how an optimistic lifestyle will help me achieve success – SoulKids is a one in a lifetime experience!”

13 years old - India


“I learnt that I should always say ‘YES’ to life and have an open mind.”

9 years old - Singapore


“The main thing I have learnt is not to think about negative thoughts as then everything will be negative. I think SoulKids is very fun as it teaches me a lot of lessons. It is much more fun than school”

9 years old - Singapore


“Never give up and always Say yes”

8 years old - Australia 


“Even though you are small does not mean you can’t do something big. Great Program”

7 years old - USA 


“It was very interesting and educational”

12 years old - USA


“You should feed your positive dog and appreciate yourself. It was awesome and fun but educational”

12 years old - Sweden